• Oujiangkou campus of the Second Affiliated Hospital joins virus fight, attracting wide publicity
            • After seven days of non-stop construction, the Oujiangkou campus of the Second Affiliated Hospital of WMU started a test run on the morning of February 4. It will serve as a provincial designated hospital to admit patients infected with the Novel coronavirus pneumonia(NCP) since February 6. Today's Zhejiang Daily and other media have put huge headlines on this.

              Chen Weijun, member of the standing committee of the Zhejaing Provincial Party Committee and secretary of the Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, together with Wang Jun, member of the standing committee of Wenzhou Municipal Party Committee, and Wang Zhentao, vice-chairman of the Wenzhou Poeple's Political Consultative Committee visited the hospital that day for inspection and instruction. We have reached a crucial point combating the disease and putting Oujiangkou campus into use will give a much-needed fillip to our citizens, illustrating our confidence and capability to win the battle against the epidemic, said Chen. He urged the Oujiangkou campus to be well prepared and further strengthen the capacities of management and support so as to provide efficient, prompt, orderly and high-quality treatment to patients.

              WMU leaders Lu Fan, Li Xiaokun, Lu Yijun, Cheng Jinguo visited the site, observed the whole process of receiving simulated patients, and expressed sincere solicitude for the front-line doctors and nurses. Lu Fan, secretary of the WMU Party committee, made the statement that WMU is a medical university striking its roots in Wenzhou, and combating the disease is of the utmost importance to the university and its affiliated hospitals. The First Affiliated Hospital and the Second Affiliated Hospital of WMU are playing significant roles in fighting the NCP in Wenzhou. It is hoped that the operation of the Oujiangkou campus will help contribute to Wenzhou’s fight against the pneumonia epidemic.

              It is scheduled that the Oujiangkou campus will provide 100 beds first and other beds will be available successively according to the need of epidemic prevention and control. The maximum capacity will reach 800 beds by the end of February. The two units available at current are located on the 3rd and 4th floors of the Inpatient Building 1, each with clean area, buffer zone and contaminated area in strict accordance with the protective requirements. Each unit is staffed with 9 doctors, 26 nurses, and some support personnel for group consultations. Medical personnel are guaranteed under the allocation of the municipal health commission. All the staff has reported to duty by 11 o’clock at noon, and conducted the first drill at the hospital.

              In response to the NCP outbreak and in order to enhance the city's ability to receive and treat patients, on January 28, the CPC Wenzhou municipal committee and government instructed the Second Affiliated Hospital of WMU to convert its newly-built Oujiangkou campus into a municipal designated hospital to admit patients infected with the NCP (which is now upgraded as a provincial designated hospital). The WMU Party committee attached great importance to this directive and promptly instructed the Second Affiliated hospital to work out concrete actions. The hospital’s Party committee has lost no time in mobilization of resources and efforts. To honor its ‘military pledge’, all relevant personnel began their work immediately to race against time. WMU Party secretary Lu Fan and deputy Party secretary Cheng Jinguo visited the campus for inspection and instruction on February 1. A leading group on promoting the multi-campuses construction of the Second Affiliated Hospital was established the same day with Cheng as its head to enhance coordination. Around 120 staff members from the clinical, technical, nursing and logistic departments of the hospital were tasked with transforming the campus into a designated facility to receive patients with the NCP. They were putting in shifts day and night and completed the work of process setting, staffing, ward setting and rescue equipment arrangement within only seven days. Shen Xian, president of the Second Affiliated Hospital, noted that experts of disease control and prevention and infectious disease specialists will further check the details of the receiving and treating process to improve quality and make extra certain.



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